Terms And Conditions

Personalised Videos
All pre-recorded videos are highly personalised and are approximately two minutes long.

We endeavour to supply your video within fourteen days of purchase to either the email address or WhatsApp of the purchaser.

The cost of a pre-recorded video is £9.99 payable at time of booking. Any changes requested after receiving the video will be charged at new message rate.

Video Calls
All video calls are highly personalised and approximately five minutes long.
All video calls are booked in day and time slots. Missing our call will result in loosing your slot and no refund will be given.

We will inform you of the number that will call you before the time booked.
We request that a parent or guardian be present at the time of calling.
Video calls will be through WhatsApp and cost £14.99

All appearances are to be discussed at length before agreement. There is no fixed fee for appearances as they are bespoke to the booker. Date, time, length of appearance, fee and all other aspects of the booking will be agreed before hand
A cancellation fee may apply.