Personalised Video From Santa


Have Santa send a highly personalised video to your children. We do not use generic AI created videos which just insert your child’s name, Santa will record a video especially for your little one.

Enter the name of your child and their age in years

The name of each child's school teachers EG: James = Mr Smith, Sally = Mrs Holmes. Santa will mention that their school teachers are watching their behaviour too and report back to him. If the child is not of school age just type NA

Did Your Child Send A Letter Or Email To Santa This Year?

Please tell us what your child wants for Christmas. Santa will not promise individual gifts but will encourage good behaviour for a chance of getting them. It is better if you include gifts you have actually purchased.

Please type here behaviours you would like to praise or improve for your child. EG Good= Tidying room, being nice to sister/brother, working hard at school. Bad= not shouting inside

Include here any other things you would like Santa to cover with your child (optional but recommended)

Which one of these terms do your children use?

Express Delivery

Receive your video in just 7 days rather than the usual 14 days

Total: £9.99



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